Commercial viability

When we conduct a feasibility analysis of a research or business project what we do is try to predict the success or failure of the project, and based on that make strategic decisions.

It may be that a negative result of the feasibility study leads to a decision not to invest more money or resources in the project and consequently, it is abandoned, or on the contrary, we can use the information from the study to make improvements in the concept and redesign our operating model, and make our idea viable.

To perform a commercial viability analysis, we will start from a detailed study of the technology and we will frame the possible products or services that may arise from it in its potential market, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

We will also take into account the resources and capabilities we have, and the need to seek partners and collaborators to integrate them into our value chain and bring the technology to market in a satisfactory way.

At Kinrel, we approach the analysis of the commercial viability of a technology taking into account the global strategy for its exploitation, analyzing also the technical feasibility of the invention, the feasibility to carry out the necessary developments to comply with regulatory standards and the economic-financial feasibility.

Would you like us to analyze the commercial viability of your project or business model, please contact us and we will prepare a customized proposal without obligation.