The term formation refers to the action, effect or process of forming or shaping something, which leads to the creation of something that previously did not exist or had not been made.

At Kinrel, we understand each training course as something totally unique, since the participants are not only mere spectators, but they are an active part of the learning process, and both the trainer and the attendees acquire new knowledge and skills.

Human beings are in constant training throughout our lives, and the privilege of working as a trainer, allows you to be in direct contact with people who share concerns and experiences in the same fields of interest.

Eva Martín Becerra, founder of Kinrel, has 14 years of experience in innovation management and technology transfer and 7 years of experience as a trainer both in formal training in several Spanish public and private universities, and in training courses  ad-hoc for companies and institutions.

If you want to organize a course or training action on regulatory issues, protection strategies or valorization of R+D+I projects, please contact us without obligation