Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) is the engine that drives the productive fabric of any country, generating high value-added industries that give rise to skilled employment and wealth.

The development of research projects involves great complexity, not only in terms of the execution of the experiments, as there are numerous not-so-visible actions that are crucial for the research to be carried out successfully.

For this, it is important that researchers have multidisciplinary support, which usually comes from the Offices for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRIs) in the case of universities or research centers, and from the Research Support Units (UAIs) in the case of hospitals.

In the case of spin-off or technology start-ups, whose research projects are usually at stages closer to the market, it will be increasingly important to take into account the regulatory affairs and design a good commercialization strategy, and getting good advice on these issues may be key to the success of the business project.

At Kinrel, we want to be a trusted partner for researchers and innovation and technology transfer managers in this complex and exciting world of R&D&I, both for specific consultations and project management.

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