Technological valorization consists of the creation of economic and social value from the results of research, with the objective of making the investment in R+D+I profitable and favoring its transfer to society.

At Kinrel, we approach the valorization by carrying out a personalized study of the technology and its market potential, in order to get the most out of it and design the most appropriate exploitation model.

As part of the valorization activities, market studies and technology watch are key to the evaluation of competition and to know the trends of the sectors targeted by the technology.

In addition, to negotiate possible technology licenses or to look for partners for its development and exploitation, we must determine its economic value, taking into account external and internal aspects.

One of the main points when establishing a value for our technology, is to evaluate the effective protection that we have for our end product, either by patents or other protection figures or by trade secret.

Knowing to what extent our technology is or is not protected, is essential both for the internal strategy of the company and to assert our project to a possible investor or licensor.

If you would like us to work together on the valorization of your research results or help you establish the potential value of your technology, please contact us without obligation.