Other R+D+i projects

R+D+i projects require an exhaustive management of material and human resources, as well as an optimal management of activities and tasks, subcontracting, management of the generated documentation, etc.

Especially in the case of projects that have been financed with public, national or international funds, we must also pay attention to the economic justification of all the resources used in the project, in addition to developing and implementing a strategy for dissemination and protection of the research results, which ensures their future exploitation.

The success of an R+D+i project does not depend only on the capabilities of the technical team, since poor management of the project can seriously damage the final result in terms of meeting objectives on time, compliance with current regulations, use of budget items, etc.

From Kinrel, we help to manage R+D+i projects at different stages of development, providing a comprehensive approach from the application to the justification of the projects, ensuring that the design of the project plan is in line with international quality standards.

If you are going to apply for or justify a national or European project, or if you want a project manager to join your team for its management, please contact us and we will prepare a customized proposal without obligation.