Kinrel is a strategic consulting firm specializing in innovation management and technology transfer.

Our extensive experience in R&D&I projects in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology, allows us to provide a comprehensive service to researchers and managers, during all phases of project development.

In highly regulated sectors, it is key to know the regulatory framework applicable in order to plan accordingly the necessary resources to successfully bring our product or service to the market.

Also, even from the initial stages of research, we can begin to think about the options for the exploitation of the technology, considering which partners or collaborators will be needed in the different links of the value chain.

On many occasions, the entity owning the industrial or intellectual property rights of the technology will not be the one to bring the product or service to the market, so we will have to carry out a technology transfer process.

From Kinrel, we can advise and accompany you in all these complex moments, being your trusted ally in the valuation of your technology.

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